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Are Aldi EV Chargers Free

February 27, 2024

Are Aldi EV Chargers Free? A Guide to Charging at Aldi in the US

Aldi has installed EV charging stations at many of its grocery stores nationwide. But an important question for American EV drivers is – are Aldi’s chargers free to use?

Unfortunately, there is no simple yes or no. Aldi’s EV charging policy varies by location, with some US stores providing free charging and others requiring fees. This article will break down the key details on Aldi EV charging costs and locate free chargers to help US drivers charge up on the go.

Overview of Aldi’s US EV Charging Options

Aldi has partnered with several major EV charging networks to deploy public chargers at its US grocery stores. The main providers are:

  • Electrify America – The largest provider with DC fast chargers up to 150kW and Level 2 chargers.
  • ChargePoint – Supplies Level 2 and DC fast charging.
  • EVgo – Provides 50kW to 350kW DC fast charging at some Aldi locations.

Aldi’s US charging stations utilize the CCS, CHAdeMO, or J1772 connectors. Charging levels vary from Level 2 up to 350kW ultra-fast.

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How to Find Aldi EV Charging Stations Near Me

Locating an Aldi store with EV chargers in your area is easy using Aldi’s store locator on their US website. Simply enter your zip code and filter by “Electric Vehicle Charging” under Amenities.

You can also use apps like PlugShare and ChargeHub which allow you to search for charging locations by network, charger type, cost and other filters. This helps compare charging options across stores.

Are Aldi’s EV Chargers Free to Use?

The big question for American drivers is whether Aldi offers free EV charging. Unfortunately, policies are not universal nationwide – some locations provide completely free charging, while others have fees ranging from $0.20-0.50 per kWh depending on the charger speed and network.

Here are the typical costs for paid charging at Aldi’s US locations:

  • Electrify America: $0.31/kWh for Level 2, $0.43/kWh for DC fast charging
  • ChargePoint: $0.39/kWh for Level 2, $0.69/kWh for DC fast charging
  • EVgo: $0.27-$0.35/kWh for fast charging

To find out if a specific Aldi store provides free EV charging, check apps like PlugShare for comments from other users, or contact the store directly to inquire. You can also look for any posted signs detailing charging costs when you arrive.

Tips for Using Free Charging at Aldi

The good news is free EV charging is offered at many Aldi stores across the US. However, be aware of some common restrictions:

  • Time limits – Aldi often enforces a time limit for free charging, usually 2-4 hours.
  • Charging hours – Free charging may only be available during store hours like 8am-8pm.
  • Parking rules – You may need to park in designated EV charging spots to avoid fines.
  • Shopper requirements – Some locations require an in-store purchase to qualify for free charging.

Following posted rules and charging during specified hours is key to maximizing free charging perks. Planning your schedule in advance around store hours and time limits is wise.

Paying for Aldi EV Charging in the US

If an Aldi only has paid EV charging, here are some tips for smooth payment:

  • Apps – Networks like Electrify America have apps to start a session, monitor charging, make payments.
  • RFID cards – ChargePoint provides RFID cards that let you tap to start charging.
  • Credit/debit cards – Many chargers allow direct credit card payments by swiping or tapping.
  • Account registration – You may need to sign up for accounts with each charging provider to pay for sessions.

Having multiple payment methods set up makes charging at Aldi’s paid stations simple and fast.

The Trend Toward More Paid Public Charging

While free public EV charging was common in the early days, networks are shifting toward more paid chargers as adoption increases. With skyrocketing numbers of EVs on US roads, providing unlimited free charging is becoming less viable.

However, Aldi remains committed to expanding convenient, affordable charging access for its US customers. In 2021, Aldi announced plans to install 500 new EV charging stations at its stores by 2025 through partnerships with Electrify America, ChargePoint and EVgo.

So while completely free charging may decrease over time, Aldi is working to ensure American drivers have low-cost charging options at stores nationwide to keep their EVs powered up.

Key Takeaways on Aldi’s US EV Charging

  • Aldi EV chargers are at many US stores – check the store locator to find locations.
  • Free charging policies vary, so confirm costs ahead through apps or direct contact.
  • Time limits, parking rules, and shopper requirements often come with free charging.
  • Paid charging rates range from $0.27-$0.69/kWh depending on speed and network.
  • Apps, RFID cards, and credit/debit payments make paid charging simple.
  • Free public charging is likely declining, but Aldi still aims to expand affordable charging access.

With hundreds of charging ports enabling convenient charging across the country, Aldi is making it easier for American EV drivers to stay powered up on the go. Understanding the costs and rules for using Aldi’s EV chargers ensures you can maximize this valuable charging infrastructure.

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