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Avista Residential EV Chargers Rebate from Avista – WA

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July 6, 2024

Avista, a utility company serving Washington state, is set to launch an exciting new rebate program for residential EV chargers. The program aims to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by offering incentives to customers who enroll in a vehicle telematics program. Although the full details of the program are yet to be announced, it is expected to provide significant support to EV owners in Avista’s service area.

Program DetailsInformation
Program NameAvista Residential EV Chargers from Avista – WA
Program GeographyUtility
Program StatusRebate program is coming soon.
Program Notes
  • This will be an incentive for enrollment in a vehicle telematics program and not an equipment incentive
  • Details TBA.
Rebate TypeCustom
Rebate DetailsUp to 100% of Material Cost
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