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Barron Electric EV Chargers by Barron Electric Coop – WI

April 16, 2024

The Barron Electric Cooperative EV Charger Rebate Program provides financial incentives to encourage the installation of Level 2 EV chargers. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the rebate program’s features and requirements:

Detailed Program Information

  • Rebate Type: Prescriptive
  • Rebate Amount: $400 per charger or 100% of the material cost, whichever is less.
  • Program Status: Open
  • End Date: December 13, 2024
  • Last Checked: February 14, 2024


Key Requirements

  1. Load Management Program Participation: Members must participate in Barron Electric’s load management program. This program helps balance the electrical load by shifting energy use to off-peak times.
  2. Installation of Radio Receiver: Members must schedule an appointment with Barron Electric to install a radio receiver before receiving the rebate. This device is likely used for managing the charging activity as part of the load management system.
  3. Exclusion of Tesla Plugs/Adapters: The rebate does not cover Tesla plugs or adapters, which means that Tesla vehicle owners might need to source compatible chargers or adapters independently.
  4. Option for a Free Smart Charger: Customers who provide proof of purchasing a new EV can opt to receive a free Smart Charger instead of the $400 rebate. This offers an alternative that might be more appealing depending on the charger prices and customer needs.
Rebate TypePrescriptive
Rebate Amount$400 per charger OR 100% of Material Cost (whichever is lesser)
Program StatusOpen
End DateDecember 13, 2024
Load Management ParticipationRequired
Installation of Radio ReceiverRequired before rebate claim
Exclusion of Tesla Plugs/AdaptersYes
Option for Free Smart ChargerAvailable with proof of new EV purchase
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