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Chippewa Valley EV Chargers by Chippewa Valley Electric Coop – WI

April 16, 2024


TypeRebate TypeKey RequirementsRebate Amount
Standard EV Charging StationPrescriptive– Must be hard-wired
– On Dual Fuel (DF) Rate (Rate H)
– Under CVEC Load Control
– Low voltage control circuit (Max 5A @ 120V)
Lesser of $400 per charger OR 100% of material costs
Smart EV Charging StationMidstream– Must be purchased through CVEC
– Must be on approved list
– Must be networked
Lesser of $800 per charger OR 100% of material costs

1. Standard EV Charging Station

Purpose: This incentive aims to promote the installation of hard-wired EV charging stations under specific conditions that ensure energy efficiency and effective load management.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Hard-wired Installation: The EV charger must be permanently connected to the electrical supply, enhancing safety and reliability.
  • Dual Fuel Rate: The installation must qualify for and be charged under CVEC’s Dual Fuel (DF) Rate (Rate H), which typically offers lower costs during off-peak hours.
  • Load Control: The charger must be compatible with CVEC’s load control system, allowing the cooperative to manage the load during peak times effectively.
  • Control Circuit: A low voltage control circuit is required to ensure safe operation, with specifications not exceeding 5A at 120 volts.


2. Smart EV Charging Station

Purpose: This rebate focuses on encouraging the use of smart, networked charging stations that can be remotely monitored and controlled, enhancing the integration of EV charging with grid management.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Purchase through CVEC: Chargers must be bought directly from CVEC, ensuring compatibility and support.
  • Approved List: Only models from a pre-approved list are eligible, ensuring that they meet specific performance and safety standards.
  • Networked Stations: These chargers must be capable of connecting to a network for monitoring and management, offering benefits like scheduled charging during off-peak hours to reduce costs and grid strain.
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