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Clark ElectricSense EV Chargers by Clark Electric Coop – WI

April 16, 2024
Type of ChargerRebate TypeRebate AmountAdditional Requirements
Smart EV Charging StationPrescriptiveLesser of $800 or 100% of material costsMust have integrated metering, Use approved equipment
Non-Smart EV Charging StationInactive (formerly Custom)Up to 100% of material costs (No longer available)Must be on load control (No longer applicable)


Electric vehicle (EV) usage is on the rise, and the need for efficient charging solutions is becoming increasingly important.

Clark Electric Coop’s ElectricSense EV Charger program supports this shift by offering rebates to encourage the installation of EV chargers.


  • Rebate Details:
    • Application Deadline: Applicants have a window of three months post-installation to submit their rebate applications. This allows sufficient time for installation and any necessary follow-up documentation.
    • Program Validity: The program remains open until December 31, 2024, providing a broad timeline for interested parties to participate.
  • Eligibility and Requirements:
    • For Smart EV Charging Stations:
      • Integrated Metering: Chargers must have the capability to report usage statistics for energy management.
      • Approved Equipment: Only chargers that appear on the cooperative’s approved equipment list are eligible for rebates.
    • Historical Changes:
      • The rebate for non-smart chargers was available until June 20, 2023. Since then, it has been necessary to focus on smart chargers to ensure energy efficiency and grid management.
  • Financial Benefits:
    • Rebate Amount: The rebate covers up to $800 or 100% of the material costs for smart EV charging stations, whichever is less. This substantial rebate can significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing a smart EV charger.
  • Application Process:
    • How to Apply: Details on the application process can be obtained from Clark Electric Coop’s website or directly through customer service. It is crucial to ensure that all documentation is complete and submitted within the designated timeframe to avoid disqualification.
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