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Eau Claire Energy EV Chargers by Eau Claire Energy Coop – WI

April 16, 2024
Program NameMonthly FeeOff-Peak ChargingIncluded ServicesRebate Coverage
SmartCharge$18Time-of-day pricingCharger, Installation, MaintenanceUp to 100% of Material Cost
SmartCharge+$35Unlimited from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AMCharger, Installation, MaintenanceUp to 100% of Material Cost



The SmartCharge program offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution for EV owners looking to install and maintain a charging station:

  • Monthly Fee: The program charges a flat fee of $18 per month.
  • Services Included:
    • Charger Provision: A compatible EV charger is provided as part of the service.
    • Installation: The installation process is managed and carried out by Eau Claire Energy, ensuring that it meets local safety and operational standards.
    • Maintenance: Lifetime maintenance of the charger is included, which can significantly reduce the long-term ownership worries related to malfunction or wear and tear.
  • Energy Pricing: The cost of charging may vary depending on the time of day, with likely incentives to charge during off-peak hours to benefit from lower rates.
  • Rebate Coverage: The rebate potentially covers 100% of the material costs, making the initial setup effectively free, depending on the specifics of the chosen equipment.


SmartCharge+ is an enhanced version of the SmartCharge program, designed for those who require more extensive charging during off-peak hours:

  • Monthly Fee: This program has a higher fee of $35 per month, reflecting the additional benefits.
  • Unlimited Off-Peak Charging: Users can charge their vehicles unlimitedly from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. This is ideal for EV owners who can plan their charging schedule to fit within these hours, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of their EV usage.
  • Included Services: Includes the charger, installation, and lifetime maintenance, similar to the SmartCharge option.
  • Rebate Coverage: Like the SmartCharge program, this rebate offers up to 100% coverage of the material costs involved in setting up the EV charging station.
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