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Electric vs. Gas Cars: What Are the Hidden Problems

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June 6, 2023

Are you considering joining the electric vehicle revolution? As the world moves towards sustainability and clean energy, EVs are becoming more popular for everyday transportation. However, some prospective buyers may be hesitant to switch from a gas-powered car.

Let’s explore the most common barriers and how to overcome them.

Overcoming the Perceived High Cost of EVs

The perceived high cost of EVs is one of the biggest barriers to their adoption. However, advancements in battery technology and considerably cheaper fuel costs can make EVs less expensive to own over time.

To address this concern, automakers can offer more financing and leasing options. Governments can also provide subsidies and tax breaks to encourage EV purchases. As the EV market grows, economies of scale should bring down prices.

 Long Waiting Lists for EVs

Due to the high demand for electric vehicles, automakers are struggling to keep up, resulting in an average eight-month wait for prospective buyers.

How Wireless EV Charging Works

To address this issue, automakers should aim to increase production, offer better incentives and discounts for early adopters, and explore ways to accelerate production processes. As the EV market matures, waiting lists are expected to shorten naturally.

Perceived Lack of Charging Infrastructure for EVs

One of the biggest barriers to EV adoption is the perceived lack of charging infrastructure. “Range anxiety” is a common concern, but modern EVs can now travel up to 400 miles per charge, and more charging stations are appearing in cities and along highways.

Governments can encourage the development of charging infrastructure by providing incentives for businesses to build charging stations. Private business owners can also contribute by installing chargers in their parking lots or garages. As the EV market grows, the availability of charging infrastructure is expected to increase.

Raising Awareness of EVs

Many people are unaware of the potential benefits of electric vehicles, including reduced emissions, lower fuel costs, and less frequent maintenance requirements.

Historically Limited Variety in Models

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

Automakers and governments can help raise awareness of EVs by investing in advertising campaigns and public education initiatives. Social media and digital marketing can also be effective tools for reaching new audiences. By spreading the word about EVs, more people can make informed decisions about sustainable transportation options.

Safety Concerns of EVs

Safety is a concern for prospective buyers of electric vehicles, despite being just as safe as gas-powered cars. To address this barrier, automakers and EV leaders should educate consumers on EV safety features. Governments can also mandate safety regulations to ensure all EVs meet the highest safety standards.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Insufficient Aftermarket Support for EVs

Insufficient aftermarket support is a barrier to EV adoption. EV owners may struggle to find car parts or qualified mechanics in their area.

To overcome this barrier, automakers should invest in training programs for qualified EV technicians and research and develop aftermarket parts for EVs. Increasing the availability of OEM parts can also help ensure that EV owners have access to the necessary parts and services.

Raising Awareness of Government Incentives for EVs

Limited awareness of government incentives is a barrier to EV adoption. Many state governments and utility companies offer subsidies and tax breaks to encourage people to switch to EVs.

To raise awareness, EV industry leaders should use advertising campaigns, public education initiatives, social media, webinars, and community events to inform people about the increasing affordability of EVs. By highlighting government incentives, more people can make informed decisions about purchasing an EV.

Increasing Variety in EV Models

In the early days of EVs, only a few models were available, limiting options for customers. However, a growing variety of electric trucks, SUVs, and specialty vehicles are now available, making it easier for all drivers to find the perfect EV.

To promote widespread EV adoption, continued investment from automakers and governments is necessary. Government incentives can make EVs more affordable, while increased awareness about available models ensures greater variety. As we replace gas-powered cars with clean and efficient EVs, we’ll see a revolution in transportation.

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