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EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program – Oregon EV Charger Rebate

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June 16, 2024
Potential applicants without a account or a System for Award Management account are encouraged to initiate the registration process ahead of the release of the Notice of Funding Opportunity since the registration process can take a month or more.
Program Geography:
Program Status:


Approximately 70% of the total funding will go to the School Bus Sub-Program and approximately 30% will go to projects under the Vocational Vehicles Sub-Program. Also, EPA anticipates awarding at least 15 grants across both sub-programs to eligible applicants from Tribes and territories under a Tribal/territory set-aside.
Start Date:
End Date:
EquipmentRebate TypeRequirementsRebate Amount
Heavy Duty Vehicle InfrastructureCustomCompetitive grant
Applications will be accepted from States, municipalities, Indian Tribes, and nonprofit school transportation associations
Infrastructure must support eligible vehicles replaced under the program
Eligible vehicles include Class 6 & 7 buses and trucks
There are different funding and cost share requirement based on the vehicle type
All Level 2 chargers must be EnergyStar
Contractors must be EVITP certified
Chargers are subject to Build America Buy America requirements
Custom rebate
up to
100% of Project Cost
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