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10 Examples of Successful EV Charger Installations in MUDs

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June 13, 2023

The EV owners who live in multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) face unique challenges when it comes to charging their vehicles. Most rely on property owner/manager support to install EV charging stations. Over 80 million Americans living in MUDs growing demand for on-site charging stations, successful installations are becoming increasingly important.

Here are five case studies of EV Charger Installations in MUDs that have successfully installed EV charging stations over the past four years:

Case Study 1 : Clarksburg Condominiums II EV Charger Installation

Clarksburg Condominiums II, Clarksburg, Maryland

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In the spring of 2022, the Clarksburg Condominiums II homeowners association (HOA) in Maryland installed Level 2 EV chargers in their shared parking lot.

The HOA took advantage of two incentives: the Maryland Energy Administration’s cash rebate and Potomac Edison’s incentive. They installed six single-port chargers and pre-wired for 11 additional chargers, which reduced their net cost to $16,000.

Condo residents pay $0.20 per kWh to charge their EVs, and the HOA listed the charging station on for access by the public, charging $0.30 per kWh. The chargers went online in March 2022. powered approximately 4,000 miles of driving, offsetting 130 gallons of gasoline consumption in the first month.

By installing EV chargers, the HOA increased the property’s overall appeal while making EV ownership more accessible to residents.

Case Study 2: Sage Condominiums EV Charger Installation

Sage Condominiums, Scottsdale, Arizona

The Sage Condominiums in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a community of 122 luxury waterfront townhomes and condos. When the Salt River Project (SRP) began offering incentives in 2020 to install charging stations, the Sage River Homeowners Association (HOA) decided to install dedicated EV charging stations for every unit in the community.

The HOA chose charging station equipment with load-balancing features to work within their budget and meet the SRP incentive requirements. They selected Enel X JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations.

As a nonprofit, the Sage Condominiums HOA qualified for a higher incentive level, receiving $5,500 per charger installed at older homes and $4,000 each for newer residences. The HOA paid only 8% of the total charging equipment installation cost.

John Cordes, the business development manager for the HOA, said, “Less than 5% of residents have EVs today. But if you build it, they will come. As a result of this project and the Enel X solution, most tenants are planning to buy EVs.”

By installing EV charging stations, the HOA made EV ownership more accessible for residents and increased the overall appeal of the community.

Case Study 3: Muir Commons EV Charger Installation

Muir Commons, Davis, California

Muir Commons, a cohousing community in Davis, California, successfully implemented 26 charging stations with the aid of a grant program from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Each residential unit received its own charging station. The installation process encountered obstacles like a fully utilized transformer in the complex and the need for extensive trenching work beneath the parking lot to lay electrical conduits.

To cover most of the 20,000 cost per charger for installation, PG&E purchased and installed EvBox charging hardware. Initially, each household was requested to contribute 1,150, but objections arose from households without electric vehicles (EVs). Eventually, PG&E reduced the cost to 550perhousehold.Paymentscouldbemadeininstallmentsof25 per month, interest-free. Furthermore, an additional $800 grant was provided for future EV purchases.

This project at Muir Commons holds significance as the first multi-unit dwelling EV charging endeavor in the Davis area. During 2019, it also stood as the largest MUD EV charging initiative in California. Its success showcases a viable blueprint for installing EV chargers in MUDs and promoting accessible EV ownership for residents.

Case Study 4: Green Rock Apartments EV Charger Installation

Green Rock Apartments in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers eco-friendly urban living with energy-efficient lighting and solar panels. The property owner added EV chargers to attract tenants and increase property value.

The complex provides Level 2 charging at multiple buildings and their corporate offices. EV owners enjoy free parking and inclusive charging costs. Tenants also receive a $2,000 credit towards purchasing a plug-in EV.

The maintenance crew relies on all-electric Nissan EVs and a Polaris Ranger EV tractor for property upkeep.
EV chargers at Green Rock Apartments have become a key tenant attraction, supporting tenant retention.
Green Rock Apartments’ value has increased by incorporating EV chargers and catering to environmentally conscious residents.

Case Study 5: 937 Condominiums EV Charger Installation

937 Condominiums, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, is a LEED-certified high-rise building in the Pearl district. In 2008, they installed six Level 1 chargers, but faced resident demand for Level 2 charging stations.

To meet this demand, 937 Condominiums worked with their resident electrician to install ten individual Level 2 charging stations. They used Enel X WayJuiceBox equipment, which offers smart EV charging capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity.

By not charging residents for energy usage from the chargers, it encourages more residents to adopt EVs and contributes to their convenience. It’s also impressive that the current electrical setup can accommodate up to 40 stations without an upgrade.

The amendment in Portland requiring EV-ready infrastructure in new MUD and mixed-use developments is a positive step towards promoting EV adoption and infrastructure development. It will help create a more EV-friendly environment and encourage sustainable transportation options.

The installation of EV charging stations at 937 Condominiums demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and providing convenient amenities for their residents. This dedication to environmental consciousness can attract environmentally conscious individuals and showcase the community as forward-thinking and progressive.

Overall, these efforts contribute to the growth of EV infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, and support sustainable transportation options within the community.


Other case studies of EV Charger Installations in MUDsover the past four years:

  1. The Pacifica in San Francisco, CA. Installed 10 EV charging stations in 2019, partnering with a company that provides the stations and handles billing for residents.
  2. The Parkview in Washington, D.C.  Installed 20 EV charging stations in 2020, working with a company that provides the stations and handles billing for residents.
  3. The Residences at the Grove in Austin, TX. Installed six EV charging stations in 2018, partnering with a company that provides the stations and handles billing for residents.
  4. The Junction in Redmond, WA.  Installed 30 EV charging stations in 2018, working with a company that provides the stations and handles billing for residents.
  5. The Heights at Delaware Ridge in Kansas City, KS. Installed four EV charging stations in 2018, partnering with a local utility company to provide the stations and handle billing for residents.

Final Thougths on EV Charger Installations in MUDs

Installing EV chargers in MUDs is increasingly important due to the rise of EVs. Property owners can offer value and sustainability.

By using government incentives and smart charging tech, MUDs make EV ownership accessible and reduce emissions.

MUD owners must address parking, electrical access, billing, legal concerns, and compliance when installing chargers.

Helpful resources are available for MUD owners, property managers, HOAs, and residents from the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Embracing EV chargers benefits residents, the environment, and showcases community forward-thinking and sustainability.


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