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Florida NEVI Program – All You Need To Know

May 12, 2024

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program provides an opportunity to expand electric vehicle (EV) adoption across Florida. However, successful investment of these federal funds requires understanding the state’s existing EV market and infrastructure needs.

Florida FY 2024 Approved Plan

Florida is well-positioned in some respects with its warm climate, which is ideal for EVs year-round. However, infrastructure must be engineered to withstand the state’s hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rainfall. Reliable charging is especially critical along evacuation routes when millions flee storms each season.


Florida will receive approximately $198 million in NEVI formula funds through FFY 26. These funds will be used to grow the network of EV chargers by installing, maintaining, and operating DCFC sites for the duration of the five-year Program. Working in tandem with our industry partners to fill in the gaps and identify innovative solutions that support charging in rural, disadvantaged, and under served areas, Florida’s goal is for the market to continue to self-support after the Program ends.

Early investment of NEVI funds will focus on the installation of sites with subsequent funding supporting the operations and maintenance over the term of this Plan.

Funding considerations include the use of performance-based payments established on site revenue models. This model may include variable payments based on site utilization (charging sessions), with lower utilized sites receiving higher operational funding, to a limiting amount. This will encourage competition and participation by the industry to install and maintain EV charging infrastructure in locations that may not initially warrant investment.

Funding Sources

Population centers in urban coastal regions have seen earliest EV adoption, now around 1% of vehicles according to U.S. Department of Energy data. Growth is expected most in emerging inland cities like Ocala and The Villages as they attract new residents.

Much of Florida’s travel involves visitors from out of state converging on popular beach and theme park destinations by car. As a peninsula, north-south driving distances are also long between regions. Meeting these travelers’ charging needs will support continued tourism growth.

The NEVI program provides an opportunity to extend infrastructure to underserved rural communities that currently rely on personal vehicles. Strategically placed fast chargers could support statewide emergency evacuations and take advantage of off-peak charging opportunities for fleets and enterprises.

By understanding Florida’s unique population trends, travel patterns, and climate resilience needs, state officials can design an EV charging network that provides reliable, equitable access and positions Florida as a leader in southeastern EV adoption. Strategic investment of NEVI funds aims to realize this vision over the next five years.

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