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Staying Safe: Forbidden Objects Inside an EV During Hot Weather

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January 21, 2024

Spending a lot of time in your car when it’s hot outside is common for many drivers. However, extreme heat can be dangerous for certain objects left inside your vehicle. While some may seem harmless, they can potentially cause fires or even explosions.

To make sure you and your passengers stay safe and comfortable while driving in the heat, there are several items you should avoid keeping in your car when it’s hot out. This article provides a list of prohibited objects and tips to prevent them, helping you remain secure and relaxed in your car when temperatures rise.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic beverage bottles left in direct sunlight can be hazardous. The sun’s rays can increase the temperature inside them, heightening the risk of an explosion. Tightly sealed plastic bottles exposed to excessive heat build up pressure, which can eventually lead to them bursting and releasing risky fluids. It’s best not to leave any plastic bottles in your car when it’s hot.

EV during hot weather


Prolonged sunscreen use in a hot vehicle can burn your skin from the high interior temperature. Also, storing sunscreen and medications at high temperatures may alter their composition. Doctors recommend keeping chemicals at stable room temperatures.

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol products like spray cleaners, air fresheners, or tire shine can be dangerous if left in your car during hot weather. As interior temperatures rise, the pressure inside the cans also increases. If it exceeds what the can can handle, it could explode and cause a fire or other damage. Store aerosols in a cool, safe spot.

Wet Items

Leaving wet clothes or towels in your hot car promotes bacteria and fungus growth. The moisture they release generates an ideal environment for microorganisms to multiply. Wet items also tend to produce foul odors.

Canned Drinks

Although convenient, unopened canned sodas have the potential to explode due to high heat. Carbonated beverages contain trapped air. When the metal can heats up, the liquid inside also warms, increasing the chance of an eruption.


Lighters or matches left in a scorching car could explode, resulting in fires that damage the vehicle or harm people. To avoid any blazes or explosions, always take these flammable objects with you when you exit.


Foods Leaving perishable foods or drinks in your car when it’s hot accelerates spoilage. High temperatures rapidly cause these items to go bad, turning your car into an unsanitary place. Quickly remove any unused edibles after use.

Why Avoid These Items?

There are a few key reasons you shouldn’t leave the aforementioned objects in your car during hot weather:

Potential Fire and Explosion Hazards – Plastic bottles, aerosol cans, and lighters can be fire or explosion risks due to dangerous chemical reactions from the heat. Any leaks near an ignition source heighten the chance of fire or explosions.

Bacteria and Mold Growth – Humid conditions spawned by wet clothes or towels enable bacteria and mold to thrive. Along with foul smells, the spread of these microorganisms can cause health issues.

Damaging Valuables – High temperatures can also ruin valuable objects like eyeglasses. Lenses can warp or shatter, and frames can bend out of shape, causing financial loss and driving hazards.

Tips to Prevent Problems

Follow these tips to avoid potential hazards and keep your car safe when it’s hot out:

  • Don’t leave plastic bottles in the car. Use refillable containers instead of disposable ones.
  • Store aerosol cans in a cool, safe spot out of the car to reduce fire and explosion risks.
  • Take electronics like laptops and phones with you when you leave your car. Don’t leave valuables in the cabin.
  • Crack windows open slightly in a crisscross pattern when parked in garages. The heat often raises cabin temperatures.
  • Use sun shades on the windshield. They reflect sunlight and UV rays to keep the interior cooler.

By following these guidelines, you can prevent dangerous situations and maintain safety inside your car when the mercury rises. Always be mindful of items you leave in your vehicle during hot weather to ensure a secure, comfortable drive.

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