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Indiana NEVI Program – All You Need To Know

May 12, 2024

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has released an updated electric vehicle infrastructure deployment plan as it continues working to implement a statewide network of electric vehicle chargers. Supported by funding from the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) formula program, INDOT aims to provide convenient and reliable charging access along designated corridors.

Indiana FY 2024 Approved Plan


NEVI program guidance requires 20 percent non-Federal match for the formula funds. As described in the contracting section above, Indiana will require leveraging private-sector matching funds as part of a competitive selection process. During the final scoring process of INDOT’s NOFO, proposing teams will be evaluated on how they plan to meet or surpass the 20- percent requirement.

INDOT will continue to engage with local, utility, and MPO leadership to identify and understand interest in these entities contributing to the 20% non-Federal match requirements. During initial stakeholder engagement activities, some of these entities indicated interest in a financial investment in EV charging infrastructure. The NOFO requests that proposing teams indicate additional funding sources that may be used to meet the 20% match. These
opportunities are potential sources that teams may utilize to meet/exceed the required match.

Planned Charging Stations

The status of charging station buildout in Indiana involves work through the NEVI program and complementary efforts pursued through VW settlement funds. As the VW settlement fund is older than NEVI, charging infrastructure deployment with VW dollars is more advanced than through the NEVI program.

However, the VW program is more limited, and not all VW sites will be NEVI-compliant without additional funding. As such, it is anticipated that some VW sites may submit proposals for upgrades to full NEVI status to the NEVI procurement process. Any VW sites that apply for funding will be evaluated on the same basis as non-VW sites to ensure an open, fair, competitive procurement process.

VW sites where the site host agreement has been completed


A critical part of INDOT’s planning process has been robust public engagement to obtain input from diverse stakeholders. Through surveys, public meetings, one-on-one discussions with key groups, and an online program page, INDOT has gathered important feedback from community members. This outreach helped identify priorities like preferred amenities at charging stations and locations that would benefit most from infrastructure.

In its updated plan, INDOT included a new Community Engagement Outcomes Report summarizing involvement from its stakeholder outreach efforts. Public comments influenced INDOT’s vision and goals as well as its contracting approach to build out the network. The agency incorporated this input to establish an equitable and user-friendly charging system for all Hoosiers.

As it works to deploy stations along major highway routes by 2025 as mandated by NEVI, INDOT remains dedicated to sustained public participation. Further engagement will be key to ensuring chargers are distributed where most needed and provide universal statewide access. Through continuing collaboration with community partners, INDOT aims to support robust EV adoption and help drive Indiana’s transportation future forward.

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