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Kentucky NEVI Program – All You Need To Know

May 12, 2024

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has released an updated Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan (EVIDP) to guide the buildout of public fast charging stations across the state. The plan was developed in accordance with guidance from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program.

Kentucky FY 2024 Approved Plan


Kentucky’s Federally designated AFC network covers all the Interstates and Parkways in the Commonwealth . NEVI Stations are being planned and procured to serve this network in accordance with the NEVI guidance and requirements. When built out, the network of NEVI Stations will allow Kentucky residents and visitors to reach anywhere in the state in an electric vehicle. It will also serve through travelers as it will provide important connections to surrounding states.


planned stations

As a recipient of NEVI formula funds, Kentucky is required to submit periodic EV infrastructure deployment plans that identify corridors for charging station development and describe the state’s process for implementing the five year, $5 billion federal funding program. KYTC’s 2023 EVIDP update outlines how the agency is working to meet these NEVI program objectives.

A key focus of the plan is stakeholder engagement. KYTC held over 80 initial meetings with various groups during plan development. Since approval, another 75 stakeholder discussions have provided input that helped shape priorities like deploying fast chargers first along major highways and rural/disadvantaged communities.

The plan establishes a vision for “a reliable, accessible, convenient, and affordable EV charging network” that supports transportation options across Kentucky. Quantifiable goals were developed to measure progress on inter-regional travel coverage, local charging access, system comprehensiveness, resilience, and emissions reductions.

KYTC estimates $86.9 million in total funding availability over five years from federal NEVI formula dollars and required 20% non-federal match. A data-driven analysis identifies increasing levels of fast charger demand along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors from 2022-2045 as EV adoption grows.

To meet this demand, KYTC issued an RFP for private sector developers to build, own and operate fast charging stations along 17 defined corridor groups. Successful proposals are expected to maximize federal fund leverage, attract multiple experienced installers, and involve small/disadvantaged businesses.

The updated plan demonstrates Kentucky’s commitment to developing a nationwide EV charging network as mandated by the NEVI program. Through ongoing stakeholder coordination, strategic investment planning, and private sector partnership approaches, KYTC aims to help accelerate transportation electrification across the Bluegrass State.

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