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Madison Gas & Electric EV Chargers from Madison Gas & Electric – WI

April 16, 2024
Rebate CoverageUp to 100% of Project Cost
Rebate TypeTurnkey Installation
Network RequirementsNetworked (ChargePoint)
Charging Fee$0.66 per day plus sales tax
MaintenanceIncluded (Operated and maintained by MGE)
Equipment RestrictionsMust use equipment from approved list


Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) offers a custom rebate for residential customers who wish to install Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This program is designed to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by making home charging more accessible and affordable.

Rebate Details: MGE provides up to 100% of the project cost as a rebate. This is a turnkey solution, meaning MGE handles all aspects of the charger installation, operation, and maintenance.

Charging Costs: Once installed, customers pay a daily rate of $0.66 plus sales tax for the use of the charger for the duration of their contract with MGE. This fee helps cover the operational costs and ensures that the charger is maintained properly.

Equipment and Network Requirements: The program requires the installation of networked chargers from MGE’s approved list, with ChargePoint currently being the approved brand. Networked chargers allow for smarter energy management and usage tracking, which can help in optimizing electricity use and cost.

Restrictions: Participants must choose equipment from a list approved by MGE, ensuring compatibility and reliability of the technology used.

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