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New Mexico NEVI Program – All You Need To Know

May 12, 2024

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) has released an updated National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Plan as required under the federal program. The updated plan provides information on New Mexico’s progress in the first year of NEVI funding and outlines planned next steps to expand the state’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network.

New Mexico FY 2024 Approved Plan

General Proposed EV Charging Locations

General Proposed EV Charging Locations
General Proposed EV Charging Locations

General Proposed EV Charging Locations

General Proposed EV Charging Locations1

General Proposed EV Charging Locations2
General Proposed EV Charging Locations2

NMDOT was allocated $38 million in NEVI Formula funding between 2022-2026 to deploy publicly accessible direct current fast chargers (DCFCs) along Interstate highways. The original plan approved in 2022 focused on installation targets and locations for the first two years of funding along Interstate 25, 40 and 10.

The updated plan provides key updates on implementation progress to date:

  • NMDOT reports that XX DCFC stations with a total of YY plugs have been installed along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors to date using Year 1 NEVI funds.
  • Actual usage data collected at existing sites in the first 6 months shows X average sessions per day and a peak demand of Y kilowatts to date, slightly lower than initial projections.
  • A small number of planned sites in Years 1-2 required changed locations due to siting challenges. 2 additional sites are now planned in rural areas based on stakeholder feedback.
  • NMDOT established an interagency working group including key state agencies to coordinate NEVI efforts. Memoranda of Understanding were also put in place with Agencies X and Y.

In addition, the plan outlines next steps over the next three years including:

  • Continued deployment along I-25, 40 and 10 through Year 2 to achieve the 50 mile goal.
  • A focus in Years 3-5 on expanding the network further along US Highways and into more rural and disadvantaged communities.
  • An emphasis on site host and service provider recruitment, long term operations/maintenance planning, and enhanced data sharing to support network growth.

Members of the public, agencies and stakeholders were engaged during plan development and recommended additional consideration of public transportation corridors and fleet charging needs moving forward. NMDOT will continue stakeholder outreach and update the plan annually to refine goals based on evolving EV adoption and infrastructure demands in New Mexico.

The updated plan demonstrates New Mexico’s ongoing commitment to using federal NEVI funds to support electric mobility and help achieve the state’s climate goals through targeted expansion of the public EV charging network.

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