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PEPCO Electric Vehicle Fleet Program by PEPCO – MD

March 24, 2024

Technical Fleet Assessments and Advisory Services:

  • PEPCO’s team of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current fleet, analyzing factors like vehicle types, duty cycles, routes, and fueling/charging needs.
  • They will present electrified alternatives tailored to your fleet, including recommended EV models and charging solutions.
  • A detailed financial analysis will be provided, projecting potential cost savings from reduced fuel and maintenance costs of EVs.
  • Emissions reduction potential will also be quantified to highlight environmental benefits.
  • Experts will guide you through available incentives, rebates, tax credits, and financing options to offset electrification costs.
  • The $25,000 assessment is heavily subsidized, with just a $2,500 upfront fee that is fully refundable if you proceed with electrification within 1 year.

District of Columbia

Make-Ready Incentives:

  • Covers 90% of costs (up to $15,000) to upgrade electrical infrastructure like panels, transformers, conduit, and wiring to enable EV charging.
  • Additional incentive for disadvantaged communities, covering 100% of make-ready costs up to $15,000.
  • PEPCO staff will guide you through design, permitting, and construction processes.
  • Ensures your facility has sufficient power capacity and electrical preparedness for EV charging deployment.

EVSE Rebates:

  • 50% rebate on costs of Level 2 charging stations and installation (up to $5,000 per port).
  • 50% rebate on DC fast charging equipment and installation (up to $15,000 per port).
  • 60% rebate levels (instead of 50%) for businesses located in disadvantaged communities.
  • Maximum total rebate of $30,000 per location.
  • Applies to qualified networked smart charging stations.
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