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PEPCO Public Charging Make-Ready Program by PEPCO – DC

March 24, 2024

Program Overview:

  • This is a make-ready program offered by PEPCO to offset the costs of installing the electrical infrastructure needed to support EV charging stations.
  • It covers 100% of the make-ready costs, which include things like trenching, conductors, transformers, panels, etc. to provide the necessary electrical service capacity.
  • However, it does not cover the costs of the EV charging equipment itself, installation labor for the chargers, networking fees, or ongoing operational costs.


  • The program is open to commercial, multifamily, and public entities looking to host new EV charging stations in PEPCO’s service territory in the District of Columbia.
  • For Level 2 and DCFC stations, a maximum of 5 Level 2 or 4 DCFC chargers are allowed per site location under this program.
  • All charging stations must be networked and able to track and report usage data.

District of Columbia

EV Chargers – Level 3 (DCFC):

  • This portion covers make-ready costs for Level 3 DC fast chargers
  • The same requirements apply – 100% of make-ready costs covered, but customer pays for charger equipment, installation, networking, etc.
  • Maximum of 4 DCFC chargers allowed per site location

EV Chargers – Level 2:

  • This covers make-ready for Level 2 chargers at commercial/public sites
  • 100% of make-ready costs paid by PEPCO
  • Customer responsible for Level 2 charger costs, installation, networking
  • Maximum of 5 Level 2 chargers allowed per location

Bus Infrastructure Program:

  • Specific make-ready program for electric bus charging infrastructure
  • Covers 100% of electrical infrastructure costs
  • All chargers must be 125kW or 500kW level for electric buses
  • Customer covers cost of chargers, installation labor, networking
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