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Scenic Rivers EV Chargers from Scenic Rivers Energy Coop – WI

April 16, 2024
Type of ChargerRebate TypeLoad Control RequirementRebate AmountAdditional Requirements
Standard EV Charging StationPrescriptiveRequiredLesser of $400 per Charger or 100% of Material CostNone
Smart EV Charging StationPrescriptiveRequired, with integrated meteringLesser of $800 per Charger or 100% of Material CostMust use equipment on program’s approved list


Application Process:

Participants do not need pre-approval, which simplifies the initial stages. However, the application must be meticulously completed and submitted within three months of the installation date to qualify for the rebate. This timeline encourages prompt submission but also allows sufficient time for gathering necessary documentation and receipts.

Program Requirements:

  • Load Control: This is a critical requirement for both types of chargers (Standard and Smart). Load control involves the cooperative’s ability to remotely manage the charger’s power usage during peak hours, which helps in balancing the grid load and preventing outages.
  • Approved Equipment: For the Smart EV Charging Station, using equipment from the program’s approved list ensures that the technology is compatible with the cooperative’s system and meets efficiency and safety standards.

Rebate Calculation Examples:

  • Standard EV Charging Station: If the material cost of a charger is $350, the rebate would cover the full cost since it is less than the $400 maximum. If the cost is $450, the rebate would be capped at $400.
  • Smart EV Charging Station: For a smart charger that costs $750 in materials, the entire cost would be covered under the $800 maximum rebate. If the material cost exceeds $800, the rebate would be capped at $800.
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