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St. Croix Electric EV Chargers from St. Croix Electric Coop – WI

April 16, 2024
Charger TypeLoad ControlApproved EquipmentRebate Amount
Standard EV Charging StationRequiredNot specifiedThe lesser of $400 or 100% of material cost
EV Charging Station with Integrated MeteringRequiredMust use equipment from approved listThe lesser of $800 or 100% of material cost



1. General Eligibility and Application

  • Pre-approval: No pre-approval is required to avail of these rebates. This simplifies the process as applicants can install a charger without waiting for confirmation from the cooperative.
  • Application Deadline: The application for the rebate must be submitted within three months of the installation date of the EV charger. This requires the applicant to be prompt in submitting their rebate application to ensure they do not miss the opportunity for a rebate.

2. Program Details

  • Geography: The rebate is applicable to customers within the service area of St. Croix Electric Cooperative.
  • Program Status: The program is currently open, which means applications are being accepted.
  • End Date: The program is scheduled to end on December 31, 2024. This gives potential applicants ample time to plan and execute their installation projects.

3. Rebate Types and Conditions

Standard EV Charging Station

  • Rebate Type: Prescriptive
  • Condition: The charger must be on a load control system as defined by the cooperative. Load control allows the utility to manage the charger’s power usage during peak demand periods, enhancing grid stability.
  • Rebate Amount: The lesser of $400 per charger or 100% of the material cost. This means the rebate will cover either $400 or the total cost of materials used in the charger’s installation, whichever is less.

EV Charging Station with Integrated Metering

  • Rebate Type: Prescriptive
  • Additional Condition: Besides being on load control, the equipment used must be from the program’s approved list. This ensures that the installed chargers meet specific standards for efficiency and compatibility with the cooperative’s systems.
  • Rebate Amount: The lesser of $800 per charger or 100% of the material cost. This is particularly appealing as it provides a higher rebate for chargers that include integrated metering, encouraging the use of advanced technology.

4. Key Considerations for Applicants

  • Equipment Selection: It is crucial for applicants to select chargers from the cooperative’s approved equipment list, especially for those applying for the integrated metering rebate. Non-compliance with this requirement might result in rebate ineligibility.
  • Installation and Compliance: Ensuring that the installation adheres to the cooperative’s guidelines, including load control requirements, is essential for rebate eligibility.

5. Recommendations

  • Early Application: Given that the application needs to be submitted within a relatively short window post-installation, it’s advisable to prepare all necessary documentation in advance.
  • Consultation: Potential applicants might benefit from consulting with St. Croix Electric Cooperative regarding specific equipment requirements and installation guidelines before proceeding.
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