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WPS EV Charger Pilot Program by Wisconsin Public Service – WI

April 19, 2024

This program provides substantial financial incentives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing the upfront costs associated with installing EV charging infrastructure. Both commercial and residential customers have opportunities to significantly offset installation costs through the program’s rebates and credits.

Program SegmentRebate TypeKey SupportInstallation RequirementsRebate Details
Commercial Charger ProgramMake-readyCredits for utility upgrades, Rebates for facility electrical workMinimum of four ports or 50kW of new chargers, Additional meter requiredUp to 100% of Make-ready Cost
Residential Level 2 Pilot ProgramTurnkeyCharging equipment and maintenance providedChoice of DIY or utility installation, Must use approved equipmentUp to 100% of Material Cost

WPS EV Charger Pilot Program Overview


Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Rate Codes: Participants must be on one of the following rate codes: Cg-1, Cg-1RR, Cg3-OTOU, Cg-5, Cg-5RR, Cg-20, Cg-20RR, and CP.
  • Geography: The program is available to customers within the utility’s service area.
  • Program Status: Currently open to eligible participants.

Commercial Charger Program

Rebate Type: Make-ready

  • Support Provided: The program offers credits to assist with utility upgrades and may provide rebates for customer facility electrical work.
  • Cost Coverage: Costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Requirements:
    • Installation of a minimum of four ports or 50kW of new Level 2 or DC fast chargers.
    • Installation of an additional electric meter to measure charging electric use.
    • Option to purchase chargers directly through the utility.
  • Rebate Details: Custom rebate up to 100% of Make-ready Cost.

Residential Level 2 Pilot Program

Rebate Type: Turnkey

  • Support Provided: WE Energies will supply the charging equipment and handle maintenance.
  • Installation Options:
    • Customers may install the charger themselves or opt for installation by the utility, either paying upfront or through a monthly addition to their bill.
  • Equipment: Must use equipment from the program’s approved list.
  • Rebate Details: Custom rebate up to 100% of Material Cost.
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