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Xcel Energy EV Accelerate At Home by Xcel Energy & Make Ready

April 19, 2024
ProgramStatusTypeRebate TypeKey FeaturesRebate Amount
EV Accelerate At HomeOpenUtilityTurnkeyRent or buy charger; Installation and maintenance by Xcel; Special off-peak rate; Use of approved equipmentUp to 100% of Project Cost
Xcel Energy WI – Make ReadyOpenUtilityMake-readyCover most installation costs; Buy charger or have one supplied; Minimum 4 ports or 50kW; Must be installed in specified applicationsUp to 100% of Make-ready Cost


Xcel Energy EV Accelerate At Home Program Overview

The Xcel Energy EV Accelerate At Home program is designed to support the adoption of electric vehicles by providing residential customers with incentives to install Level 2 charging equipment at their homes. This program is currently open and active within the geographical regions serviced by Xcel Energy.

Key Features of the Program

  1. Rebate Type: This is a turnkey rebate, which implies a comprehensive service where the utility handles everything from providing the charging equipment to its installation and ongoing maintenance.
  2. Equipment Options: Customers have the option to either rent or purchase a charger directly from Xcel Energy. This flexibility allows customers to choose the most financially feasible option for their circumstances.
  3. Installation and Maintenance: Xcel Energy will install the charger and also take responsibility for its maintenance, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly without additional costs to the customer.
  4. Special Rate for Off-Peak Charging: Customers participating in the program are eligible for a special electricity rate for charging their vehicle during off-peak hours. This can significantly reduce the cost of charging an EV and provide additional savings.
  5. Approved Equipment: To qualify for the rebate, customers must select their charging equipment from a list approved by Xcel Energy. This ensures compatibility and safety standards are met.
  6. Rebate Amount: The program offers a custom rebate that can cover up to 100% of the project cost, making it a highly attractive option for residential customers looking to install a Level 2 charger.


Xcel Energy WI – Make Ready Program Overview

The “Make Ready Program” by Xcel Energy in Wisconsin is aimed at promoting the development of electric vehicle supply infrastructure by covering the costs associated with preparing a site for EV charging. This program is beneficial particularly for locations where multiple charging ports are necessary, such as workplaces, government facilities, multifamily residences, fleet operations, and other applicable settings.

Key Features of the Make Ready Program

  1. Program Status: The program is currently open to new applicants as of the last checked date on February 27, 2024.
  2. Rebate Type: Make-ready, which means Xcel Energy will cover all or most of the cost required to prepare the infrastructure at the site to support EV charging installations.
  3. Charger Options: Customers have the option to purchase their own chargers from an approved list or opt for a charger supplied by Xcel for a monthly fee.
  4. Infrastructure Requirements: Eligibility requires a minimum installation of 4 charging ports or a charging capacity of 50 kW.
  5. Eligible Applications: The infrastructure must be installed in specified applications such as workplaces, government locations, multifamily housing, fleets, among others.
  6. Rebate Amount: The program offers a rebate that can cover up to 100% of the make-ready cost associated with preparing the site for EV charging.
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