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Federal EV Charger Tax Credit from US Federal Gov't

Important: Projects installed before 1/1/23 are not subject to prevailing wage or census tract rules.

Program Status: Open

Start Date: 01/01/2023

End Date: 12/31/2032

EV Charger Tax Credit Business

Lesser of

$100,000 per Site


30% of Project Cost

Rebate Type: Custom


  • The federal tax credit, often referred to as the 30C tax credit, covers up to 30% of EV charger equipment and installation costs
  • For non-residential installations, the tax credit is up to $100,000
  • Starting in 2023, customers must follow prevailing wage and apprenticeship guidelines for installation or the credit is capped at 6% of cost
  • Chargers must also be located in approved “census tracts”
  • You claim the credit on your Federal tax return by completing a form 8911.

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